Our Story


Bisou Jewelry’s collection uses sacred designs to promote positive energy and ward off evil. The mystical qualities of amulets and talismans are modernized into wearable art. Each hand made piece complements high fashion met galas and sporty yoga sessions.

Jasmin Dargani-Wala designs Bisou Jewelry lines starting with sketches of charms and matching them with superior bead materials. Jasmin enjoys the process as it allows her to blend her creative and fashion sense together. She travels and experiences a multitude of cultures to observe how they promote positive energy. Her jewelry lines combine these experiences along with inspiration from fashion houses like David Yurman, Versace, and Hermes. Bisou Jewelry pieces are hand crafted in Los Angeles with the finest materials. Charms and beads are specially selected for style, quality, and durability. 


Our Origin


My grandfather was a Commander in the Indian National Liberation Army. During his service, he was captured and lived as a prisoner of war in Singapore for six months. He recounts how the jailers kept him in isolation with only a prayer book and prayer necklace. As a young child, I asked him why he held on to the prayer necklace. I exclaimed how I would have destroyed any items representing chaotic war, loneliness, and hate. My grandfather smiled at me and explained, while it was true the necklace came from a time filled with tension, anger, sadness, and fear, it also endured the pain. The necklace remained in tact, protected him from serious harm, and peacefully returned him home. I touched the black beads and felt the sincerity in his words. Curiously, I asked how could others use this necklace for positive energy if there was only one? He told me about the two spiritual energies in the world. He said one must always counteract evil vibrations with positive ones. After our conversation, he always bid me farewell with a kiss of good luck. I have moved far away from my grandfather, but I have kept this story close to my heart. It has inspired me to create spiritual jewelry with the same positive energy from my grandfather’s kiss.